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Glass artist Keith Sheppard working at his glassware studio in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Glass Art Ireland

Glass artisan at work on making a custom contemporary Irish glass plate in his studio at Glass Art Ireland in Northern Ireland

How we make

We specialize in creating contemporary kiln formed glass and etching.

With over 10 years’ experience in the craft sector we are committed to achieving the highest quality products, using up-to-date specialised equipment and technology.

Kiln forming glass involves the use of raw sheet glass of various colours and textures ranging from clear, reactive, translucent and opal coloured, texture, iridescent, decorative and dichroic glass.

A number of inclusions can be added such as powders, frit, stringers, metals and etching.

The glass is then slumped into or dropped over moulds.

The decorative possibilities and applications are only limited by the imagination! 


Contemporary hand made bullseye grey tulip vase - Irish glassware hand made in Ireland by Glass Art Ireland


All of our glass art is handcrafted in our studio in Moyallen, County Armagh.

The studio is fully equipped; with four kilns including a large kiln capable of taking the largest, retail produced, sheet glass. Together with sandblasting, cutting and polishing facilities.

Our etching equipment is able of reproducing, fine detail of, any reasonably sized image into the glass, so there are endless possibilities!

Highly trained staff are dedicated to producing products that not only define each pieces functionality, but also to create a strong visual attraction to touch and feel the nature, outline and identity of each piece.

Our range of products, showcased on this website, is only a small selection of the items that can be produced.


Contemporary turquoise and white glass longboat with infused copper patternation - Irish glassware hand made in Ireland by Glass Art Ireland


If you have a particular requirement or wish to discuss a project, please contact us by phone or E mail 

Our goal is; ’Not only to deliver a product that is certainly possible to be used functionally but also to cross the boundary of function to that of a work of Art’.

At Glass Art Ireland we want you to have an enjoyable online shopping experience and to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. 

With FREE shipping to mainland UK, for elsewhere please contact us for a quote.

Please read our terms and conditions for sale.

Enjoy :)

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